The purpose of your life is to find your gift.  The meaning of life is to give it away. -Pablo Picasso


As a designer and a creative, a writer and a reader, I am looking for different ways to define my gift, and how to give it away in the most efficient of ways.  Most simply put, my gift is to connect. I have come to the conclusion that the best way to give this gift away is

Firstly, through my agency, League X, creating social tendons; Secondly, my human-centered travel and adventures; Thirdly, my writings of imperfect, vulnerable thoughts.



Love is not fireworks, it's not grand eruption of emotion and intention.  Loving is a skill, that is refined slowly by introspection and feedback. 

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Where I've gone, where I'm going. 11 countries this year including Austria, Iceland, Indonesia, Bahamas. 

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